Anju Collaboration Dinner


We’re incredibly excited to host chefs Danny Lee and Scott Drewno from Anju, a modern Korean restaurant in DC, on Thursday, December 12.

Please join us for one-night only specials from Anju’s menu, in addition to our a la carte menu.

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Craig LaBan's Dining Guide 2019


“But the anticipated surprise of new dishes is what draws me back to the chef’s counter in this broodingly handsome space. The techniques that once defined him as a leading modernist in a town resistant to molecular gastronomy are now mainstream. But here they work in service of a superior culinary mind who simply sees food differently than anyone else.”


8 Delicious Restaurant Reasons to Eat in Philadelphia This Summer


Cozy-comfy booths, counter seating and a wee bar make up the brick-and-mortar foundation for global fare gone imaginatively wild, flying high: chilled egg custard with dashi broth, broccoli and mustard oil”


50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia


“Since opening day, Peter Serpico’s best trick has been showing us a cuisine in progress — never still, never staid, never boring, and always exploring (via dry-aged duck mole and chicken-and-snail lasagna) the boundaries of what regional American cuisine can be.”

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